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not too much is going on in my life. yesterday i went school shopping and got lots of clothes, whhich obviously made me very happy. I went to Delias, Kohls, and Forever 21. i went to the mall a few days ago with Sammy, too, and we went to Charlotte Russe and got cool stuff. when i think about my addiction to clothes, it seems silly because they're just clothes. all i'm going to do is wear them for a while and then toss them aside and get new ones. None the less, my goal in life is to have the greatest collection of clothes EVER before i die. not too much to ask, right?
other than that, i'm just waiting my days out slowly, dreading the day that school starts again. that will be the day that starts what i have been afraid of for months. i wonder how this will all end.

and now my heart hurts.
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