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Jesus may have died for your sins, but i fight for your life.

so, i haven't been able to update my LJ in quite sometime because at the end of the summer my mum left for Cape Cod, so i went to New York with Tim to visit his cousins, and then i stayed at Tim's house until the second day of school. now i'm home, and i've got some time. so school has started and i'm sort of enjoying it for the most part, right now. as long as i do my work everything will be fine, i'm hoping. i am just having a hard time adjusting to going to school again and waking up early and not being able to stay out late. but atleast my classes are good and reasonable so far, and i'm not having any real difficulty.
in other news, things with Tim and I are going famously. he is my one and only, and he means more to me than anything i have ever known. yesterday, he just looked at me and said, "You make me so happy." i don't think any 5 words have ever meant so much.

and speaking of Tim, i found some interesting information out yesterday. Tim checked his myspace because he hasn't been on in months, and he showed me a message that he received in July. The person who sent it obviously made the account for the soul purpose of sending the message. with the account name "bob," this person made two screenshots of my June 18th livejournal entry in which i joked around about my friend kevin and i while tim and i were on break. the person ended the message saying "i'm sorry you had to find out what a back stabbing liar she is this way."
of course, tim could immediately tell that what i had a written was a joke, as any logical understanding person would. i was relived that there were no problems between him and i over it, but i was upset over who would do such a thing. it's just fucked up that anyone who considers themself my friend would share a friends only LJ post of mine with someone who they barely know in a situation they have nothing to do with.
if you know me well enough, you know i don't give up easily or just let things go, so i was out for blood. i payed attention to the details (uses mozilla firefox, can take screenshots, is an LJ friend of mine, is a female, etc.) and i figured out who they were. if you had just admitted to doing it i would've respected you a lot more, but now not only do i know what you are capable of, i also know that you can't be trusted. that was possibly the most childish, cowardly, and cruel thing anyone could ever do. you can deny what you did all you want, but it will never change my mind because now i know that you're the real back-stabbing liar.

your attempt to cause drama has only brought us closer. no one can change that. ♥
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