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Forthamth ic hine of waetere genam

it's saturday morning and i just realized i haven't updated my LJ in a long time. a REAL long time. I haven't been on the computer much, lately. I think that i grew out of my computer phase, if you know what i mean. I just don't have as much to do here; i have more things to do in the real world. it's good to know, but i really guess i should still make time for this sort of thing. so hereee we goooooo!
Well, i got my progress report for the first trimester. three A's, some B's, and only one C, halleluhjah. And it's full fledged Fall, now! lots of different coloured leaves, it's nippy out, and Halloween is just around the corner. I don't know what i plan on doing for Halloween, but I know i'll end up doing something. And following the code of teenage girls, i guess that this year i should probably start wearing a costume slightly more provacative. But who knows.
Tim has SATs to take this morning for 3 hours, so i'll most likely have nothing to do until... maybe 1pm? hit up my cellular if you're in the area. AND THAT REMINDS ME! i finally bought some ring tones: Chasing Cars, Title and Registration, Santeria, Say yes, and Autumn Sweater. and Tim and i are going to see Brand New and Dashboard Confessional on December 9th in Lowell, MA. I'm so excited.
And my mum is supposed to go to Europe for 3 weeks to tons of places, without me, AS USUAL. but she may not go because her boyfriend Aldo was supposed to go as well, but he just got hit in the eye and they're not sure if the doctors will allow him to go in a plane cause of the pressure and all. But, if she does go, i'll be staying with Ned for a week starting next sunday, i think, and then i'll leave his house and stay at Tim's for 2 weeks. and speaking of Tim, things are going great; i love him, he loves me. there's no better way to sum it up. This is the happiest i have ever been in my life, a very big statement on my part.

I'm a beliver, I'm solid matter.
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