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My vacation has been pretty good. I just got my iPod back and it actually works! I have almost no music so if you happen to own any CDs you'll let me borrow, or you know a way of getting music for free, comment this shit. Otherwise, i have to wait until December 20th when Nick comes home. And speaking of music, The 3rd Brand New album came out, The Devil and God are Raging Inside of Me. I listened to the songs but not in entirety. It's definately very different from their old stuff, but that's what you have to expect as people grow , mature, and experience more. I am willing to give it a chance because i never want Brand New to make a bad album.
So I have already had my Thnksgvng dinners, 2 to be exact, neither with my own family. Once at Tim's Mom's before she left for Texas and yesterday at Tim's Dad's. My mom is working today, my brother rarely comes home, and my not-immediate family... I have no clue. I guess I'm just not a family person? Being around family has always been really awkward for me. That's probably why I don't want kids, other than the fact that they'd waste a good 18 years of my life and cause such stress, as well as a decrease in my bank account. Plus, someone needs to put an end to my family tree.
AND THREADLESS IS HAVING A 10$ SALE, girly small -hinthint-.
Urban Camouflage
In Case of Zombies
The Fashion of Terror
Prepare for Fight
and I've been adoring this one: Tastes Like Happy 24$

It has been so rainy lately. I can't wait until it's just a little bit colder though, so that rain will turn to snow. Now tell me; What are you thankful for?
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