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it's spirit week. and it's monday, and i'm lounging in my PJs in first period CGD. josh briggs to my right, an empty seat to my left, followed by Dakota beat boxing. in his pajamas, none-the-less. this day is goign to be interesting.
i like singing "Everything Evil" a whole heck of a lot. i was singing it in the shower this morning and it was nice cause Claudio has a pretty high voice for a guy. I made a really sweet picture of all my guy friends and i called"THE CREW," a few days ago, and i made it look a lot nicer. maybe soemtime i can convert it from freehand10 to here as an image?
and lastly, i need to get a haircut. it's awfully long for me right now, but i always hate getting it cut cause i'm afraid it might come out weird. and my hair's growing in so blonde, which i'm not really enjoying. hopefully autumn will make it all turn brown.

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