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I'm finally updating after a long time. i decided that if i did continue to update every few days, i'd think about everything too much, and that wouldn't have helped. so now, i have come a long way, and i can start writing again.
So. The possibility of Tim and I ever acting like we know each other again, zero. i guess he doesn't even want to be friends, so all i can really do is comply. I'll get by. Brandon finally told me that he likes me, but i don't want a relationship until atleast juniour year. Part of that is because Jamie and I have decided to be single together over the summer when he comes back from college. Right now it's midterms and i think so far i've done really well on them. Now, me and my 4/20 musketeers hangout in my shmiggshack (hah.) so much changes in so little time. oh yes, and pathetic rumours floating around about me and Josh. But anyway, my life seems like it's finally on the right track, and i'm where i need to be. I'm making me happy, and that's good enough.

hmm. 5am.
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